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Carran’s Working Diary 13: The Inbetween Time


Developing the Scratch Performance

I have been reflecting on the creation of this piece since its first tentative exposure in April this year. I have put together here in this short film a consideration of that. One question that keeps coming up concerns how Jenny and I work together on the piece. That’s quite complex to explain but hopefully the film will demonstrate some of that. In this short film are images, clips from the scratch and a voice-over taken from one of our many discussions. I have found it helpful to reflect in this way since it allows me to see what I add to the work as a result of the discussion. The voiceover predates the scratch showing and comes from earlier in the process following a “pre-scratch” scratch if there is such a thing. While I am on this term. We used to use the words “work in progress”. I think Ridiculusmus were the first artists to use the phrase in relation to work in progress before it meant “itch”. Working on this project is like having an itch.

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